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Pioneering the AI Revolution: A Roadmap for GBS Leaders to Harness the Future of Business

Krzysztof Herdzik

Krzysztof Herdzik

GBS/SSC/BPO Practicioner


As we stand on the brink of a new era, it is clear that artificial intelligence (AI) is set to revolutionize Global Business Services (GBS). Like the advent of the internet and mobile technology, AI presents a seismic shift, transforming how we do business, interact, and deliver value. For GBS leaders, this change is both a challenge and an opportunity, an inflexion point that calls for a pioneering spirit.

AI presents an unprecedented opportunity for GBS leaders to transcend the boundaries of traditional roles and become true visionaries. It calls for a paradigm shift, where GBS leaders are no longer content with following the status quo but instead strive to forge new paths and push the boundaries of what is possible.

To be pioneers in the AI revolution, GBS leaders must possess a deep sense of bravery, daring to venture into uncharted territories and challenge the norms. They must be willing to take calculated risks, embrace ambiguity, and learn from failures along the way. This is a time for courageous leaders who are unafraid to disrupt the established order and inspire others to join them on this transformative journey.

The question is, how do we seize this moment and win the AI revolution?

Embrace the Unknown

Firstly, we need to embrace the unknown. As pioneers, we don’t have the luxury of learning from the past or borrowing from others’ experiences. We have a powerful tool – AI – and the knowledge that it can potentially transform our businesses. We must be bold, brave, and willing to venture into the unknown, testing, learning, and iterating as we go.

Create opportunities beyond the delivery

Secondly, Leadership in the AI era goes beyond the traditional notions of managing and executing tasks. It requires a profound understanding of the potential of AI and the ability to leverage it strategically to drive innovation and value creation. GBS leaders must inspire their teams to think creatively, explore new possibilities, and embrace the power of AI as a tool for positive change.

Foster a Culture of Innovation

Thirdly, fostering a culture of innovation is crucial. AI is as much about technology as it is about mindset. Encouraging curiosity, promoting experimentation, and accepting failure as part of the learning process are key. We need to create environments where new ideas are welcomed, and creative problem-solving is celebrated.

Collaborate and Co-create

Fourthly, collaboration and co-creation should be at the heart of our AI strategy. No one has all the answers, and no one can win the AI revolution alone. We need to partner with tech companies, start-ups, academia, and even competitors. We need to leverage collective intelligence to unlock the full potential of AI.

Invest in Talent and Skills

Fifthly, we must invest in talent and skills. AI calls for a new set of competencies, not only technical skills but also the ability to interpret and apply AI in the context of our businesses. Investing in ongoing learning and development, and attracting diverse talent with the right mix of skills, should be a priority.

Be Customer-Centric

Lastly, we must keep the end customer at the heart of our AI strategy. AI should not be an end in itself but a means to enhance customer experience, improve service delivery, and drive business growth. We need to understand our customers, their needs, and how AI can create value for them.

The AI revolution presents a unique opportunity for GBS leaders to reshape their organizations and redefine their roles. As pioneers, we have the power to shape the future, transform the way we do business, and create lasting value for our customers and stakeholders. It’s a journey filled with uncertainty and challenges, but also immense possibilities.

GBS leaders, it’s time to step up and take the lead. Let’s embrace this opportunity, pioneer the AI revolution, and together, shape the future of business. Our time is now!

Krzysztof Herdzik

Independent GBS Advisor,

Graduated from Harvard Business School, Disruptive Business Models

Author of the newsletter: “The Journey of GBS Leader. Newsletter, which reads more than 1 100 GBS professionals every day.

My mission is to help GBS Organisations to create more meaning full jobs, one after another. I truly believe that GBS Organizations have one chance in a million just now.

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