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I'm Krzysztof Herdzik. FOUNDER OF herdzik.pro - HELPING leaders to get control in the challenging times

I’m Experienced Leader with a demonstrated history of working on global level. Skilled in Sales, Shared Services, Management, Risk Management, and Business Development. 

Most of my professional life I spent on leading international teams.

Awards and Recognitions

I am awarded as the best manager in the Central and Eastern Europe in outsourcing industry. 

Company which I set up and developed between 2012 and 2016 was recognised as the best employer by AON and the best Business Process Outsourcing organisation in Poland. 

Overcame challenges

During financial crisis in 2008 I successfully run US insurance institution in Poland as Country Manager. 

Between 2009-2012 as a CFO I was responsible for restructuring project in Energy Sector. The company was recognised by FORBES as the fastest growing company by value. 


– Implementation of first insurance product sold by internet and phone in Poland

– Implementation of first insurance mobile devise product in Poland

– Managing first tele meter project for Energy in Poland with 10k sensors

– Implementation first physical cash-pooling for Holding Companies in Poland

– Implementation of systemic solution for rights of land in District Heating Sector

– Design and implementation of engagement matrix – first easy to be implemented 

Education and Certificates

– Graduated from Harvard Business School in Innovation

– Graduated from ACCA (International Finance Qualifications)

– Graduated from Ericsson College – the biggest coaching organization in the world

– M.A in Finance and Accounting


Over last 18 years I understood that as a leader you need to check the pulse in your team and organisation frequently. This gives you control over your team and organisation in the challenging times. It means you need easy to implement and simple to use tools which allow you to do that. 

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My mission is to help leaders to get control in the challenging times.

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